7 Minute Setup Including Your First Strategy

Ready to jump right into the action?

Quick Start Guide

This guide will get you up and running quickly, however, it is recommended to learn all the great features FxOdds has to offer by viewing the training videos and documentation. If you have yet not done so please create your free account, set it up and login.  If you require assistance let us know. 

The DMM Window

This is where all of the action occurs and will be your primary tool to trade the FxOdds Method. For detailed instructions regarding the DMM feature visit the Training Manual.

Strategy Download & Installation

Download the sample strategy and then install it into the following directory – C:\Program Files (x86)\FxOdds\FxOdds\Strategies
Your path may be slightly different. If so, locate the FxOdds installation folder and then place the downloaded strategy into the Strategies folder.

Running The Sample Strategy

FxOdds opens by default with the DMM Window already open.











If you don’t see something similar to the above click the DMM button in the main toolbar.

Tool bar


Click the Load button and select the Sample Strategy.

Applying the Strategy

Set the strategy to trade the forex basket listed below and run at 01:00 EST on the desired date. You may do this in the Timed Trades tab of the DMM Strategy Window.











Don’t forget to check the Open Positions box. That’s it! Let it run to completion. You may also wish to check the Start Recording box so your results will be saved for later viewing.

Weekly Challenge

Once you have had some practice you may wish to join our Weekly Challenge.