Martingale, Anti Martingale and Custom Martingale Forex Strategies

An unconventional way to trade the various forex martingale systems.
The Forex Martingale Strategy

What has been accomplished with the above image? By right clicking in the DMM Window and selecting the DMM Strategy menu option we were able to input custom position management parameters. Each box in the grid represents -5 pips P/L on the left side of the Clear button and +5 pips P/L on the right side of the Clear button. Functions have been added to create a new strategy by clicking them in the left corner and then in the desired grid above. View the introduction video to see this in action.

In this strategy when the P/L moves to a -10 pip level the position will double each time the -10 level is reached, up to three times. If the position continues to move into the negative direction and reaches -15 pips the position will first double in size and reverse and then reduce by 50% if it returns to a -15 pip level. If the position continues to move in the negative direction and the -20 pip level is reached it will reverse once more with a final function to close if it returns to a -25 pip level.

On the positive side the position will double three times at the +5 pip level, twice at the +10 pip level, once at the +15 pip level and finally close completely at the +20 pip profit level. Do you see the possibilities with FxOdds now?

Some of you may run when hear the term “martingale”. While others are obsessively attracted to its allure and how it applies to the forex market. For those whom are adamantly opposed to the idea of martingale forex trading then would it not make sense to take a peek at the anti martingale system? What about custom forex strategies combining many facets of the popular system where risk can actually be reduced with each trade? There are also related forex strategies where you profit even though the number of losses were more than the number of wins. Interested? Unless you are already profiting from forex every day you may want to take a look.

Martingale vs Anti Martingale Forex Strategies

In their simplest forms the martingale doubles up after each loss with the goal to close the position on the first profitable trade. The downfalls are obvious unless you have an unlimited bank roll. Position sizes grow rapidly so that one loss can eliminate all your profits or even worse, your entire account. Let’s take a look at a scenario with a $25,000 account, starting with a mini forex lot (10,000 units) on the EURUSD whereas the pip value is $1.00. Each trade will have a stop loss and take profit at 10 pips.

After seven consecutive losses the account was returned to a positive after only one trade. However, look at the increase in trade size which at the end would require a margin of ~ $14,000 on an account using a 50:1 margin.

The Anti (Reverse) Martingale Strategy

Similar to the traditional martingale forex strategy this one will double up, however, only with a win. There is also the caveat of decreasing the trade size after each loss. The obvious question here is when do you stop and how much do you increase or decrease with each win or loss? There is no set number that will work every time, we know that. This is where you could apply an edge to the math with simple support and resistance as well as currency strength signals or your own customization ideas.

Comparing the traditional and anti martingale systems there are two obvious differences. Several consecutive wins were required in the anti martingale system, however, the maximum risk was only $40 and we gained five and one-half take profit units after seven trades. While the traditional martingale system only required one win it only profited a single profit unit while risking $640, or 16 times the risk. In summary, and on the surface it appears that it may be better to cut back on losing positions while adding to winning positions. Makes sense!