Forex Strategy Backtesting Services

Submit your FxOdds Strategy and we will backtest it for you.

Don’t have the patience for live testing? Backtesting can be misleading if not conducted properly. However, when everything is in place backtesting can prove its worth. In part, it means that reliable backtesting is best done using historical forex data that is from the broker used with your FxOdds account – the optimal solution.

Multi-currency Forex Backtesting

The FxOdds trading theory using the Dynamic Money Manager module has been proven by your fellow forex traders to work best with multiple currency pairs in carefully organized baskets and at times, with multiple instances of the application running simultaneously.

Platform Feature Requirements for Backtesting

For our purposes the backtesting application must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Allow importing of custom historical data. 
  • True tick data processing. 
  • Natural compression’s, not artificial bar building.
  • Ability to test multiple currencies simultaneously.
  • Ability to test multiple accounts and sub-accounts simultaneously.

How it Works – No Additional Software Needed

Send us the function set that you believe is working for you, yes you should first have a week of manual testing success. Then we would program the function set and backtest it for you.


Advantages of Our Testing Service

  • No need to buy additional software. 
  • No need to buy quality historical data. 
  • No need to learn new software. 
  • Take advantage of our in-house, powerful dedicated server with the ability process tick data faster and more efficient than most desktops. 
  • Uninterrupted processing. If there is a break in backtesting the data set most likely will have to restarted. 
  • Free analysis of results with suggestions for improvement. 
  • An additional backtest at no charge after improvement suggestions.