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Use this strategy, or create your own using the free or paid version of FxOdds. Trade it for five days and submit your results here. You may create any strategy using built in functions within FxOdds. Read More.

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Each week we receive strategies and results from traders using the free or paid version of FxOdds. The top verified strategy wins a free subscription or cash. Results must be submitted by Saturday to be eligibe. 


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  • Average Daily Reward 3.24% 3.24%
  • Average Daily Risk 2.4% 2.4%

The Results Are Amazing

Most of you already know that the majority of forex traders end up losing. You also know that indicators are commonplace. So, why trade with lagging and repainting indicators only to end up losing every day, week or month trading forex? Don’t you think its time to rethink forex trading and to stop doing what everybody else is doing? 

We Rethought Everything...

An Unconventional Way to Trade Forex

Verified Trading Results

Each week traders submit their strategy & results for us to review and test the following week.

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